Networking in every sense of the word

Hello Yves, would you know a graphic designer to recommend?

How many times your friends have called you and asked this very question… do you know a web designer, a web developer, an accountant or tax pro… And they all wanted to know whether you knew a GOOD one! Everyone checks from within their own network first to find the finest gem for what they need! Everyone does, even professionals within their own sector, and so do you!

How many times your colleagues, clients and acquaintances have called/beeped/emailed/poked you to have some feedback on some of your friedns or service providers? Everyone uses their network to double check on references before making a decision. Everybody does. And so do we, both you and I!

Checking with one’s network is as common as it makes sense, but the tools to filter through what’s needed are not always available.

The new network features have been added to help at that. They will allow you to leverage the potential of your network to find projects, experts, clients, and to keep an eye on your network’s contacts professional evolution.

The features now available are to be considered as the first step of a series of nice tools lined up in our functional implementation plan and development. is more than a Web based platform to negociate projects, it is more than ever a professional network in the proper sense of the word..

Here is what is now available to you on

a) What comes first and foremost : the network.

  • A network section where you can add Solo Agents (or contacts) along with all the tools to manage invitations and responses.
  • Your profile now includes a new diagram box indicating whether and how you are linked to a Solo Agent member. You can invite any member already belonging to your Agent Solo contacts list. It will take a few days before the first networks are built, and before the various network branches link the members at the different levels. To start enjoying this network feature, our collective involvement is necessary, and I encourage you to start building yours now! ;-)

The more extended is your network, the merrier! (i.e.; more business opportunities, projects, resources and who knows what more?!)

b) Last but not least : the dashboard.

  • When you log in to, you are now welcomed by your dashboard. This page offers suggestions to improve the management of your activities (e.g.; emails not yet open, alerts, recent activity history on the site, etc.) and your network’s activities that you might be interested in knowing (e.g.; who knows whom, who worked with whom, etc.), as well as News and Tips written by you or by other Solo Agents.
  • The dashboard should help you be more efficient in a number of ways. You will have easy access to what you want to do and will even discover shortcuts to thing you did not know you could and should do… ;-)

We will keep you informed on how to fully benefit from these new features over the next few days. Until then, find your contacts who are Solo Agents members and invite them to join your network!

Do not hesitate if you have questions, I can be reached through our messaging system.

Enjoy networking in every sense of the word :-)

Yves Williams

Agent / Netsym communication

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