The 10 must-have Freelance Web 2.0 applications

In recent years, many Web applications have emerged. Applications that will have a significant impact on the way we work. Your desktop won’t ever be the same.

Self-employed workers (Freelance) should take advantage of those Web applications by discovering and using them. In addition to providing opportunities for communication and collaboration unavailable up to now, they are often more flexible, more effective, and much more economical than the traditional solutions,

The number of applications are numerous. We present a first set of 10 that should be part of every freelancer’s web application toolbox.

For payment

1. Paypal

Indeed, a very important tool for freelancers. For purchases of goods and services or to get you fees paid. Simple, effective, safe and available in multiple currencies, it is payment facilities at your fingertip.

To write reports, keep records and prepare presentations

2. Zoho and 3. Google Docs

You are using an Office suite for your documents, presentations, account management. In recent years, several alternatives have emerged. They do not even all of the features of Microsoft Office, but they may appeal to a broad majority of users, even the most demanding. Among the lot, two stand out: Zoho and Google docs.

What distinguishes them from the software office suites: sharing, collaboration and mobility. Make your documents available to those who need them, work with several speakers on the same document and access all your documents from anywhere from any computer. It is unparalleled flexibility

Last but not least, it’s free.

To work remotely with your partners, your collaborator and your customers

The constraint of distance work creates imperatives of communication. Keeping in touch with collaborators, being easily accessible for clients, makes a difference in any project progess.

Some communication tools:

4. GTalk
Instant messaging is an effective tool as it keeps you in touch with your co-workers. Developped by Google, GTalk is one of the most popular and robust IM application available. There are many other options, including Windows Live Messenger and ICQ.

5. Meebo
If your colleagues and clients (and friends) are dispersed among several instant messaging system, no need to open them all simultaneously. Via the web Meebo allows you to keep in touch with all your contacts no matter which instant messaging application they use.

6. Skype
Skype’s reputation is well established. This application turns your computer into a phone. Skype allows you to both contact someone on his computer (if Skype user), on his home phone, or exchange using instant messaging (IM). It is also an attractive option for saving on your long distance phone bill.

To organize your tasks and manage projects

7. Remember The Milk
A small tool to manage your “to-do list”. Remeber The Milk is on its way to becoming a very complete application for lists, events and tasks whether by yourself or in a team. Friendly and helpful.

8. BaseCamp
This Teamwork Management tool, is the solution by excellence for efficient project management.

The publisher of this solution, 37signals, also offers several other very powerful collaborative tools for both large and small businesses: Backpack, Campfire, ta-da list, WriteBoard. The company is recognized as a leader in the design of highly ergonomic applications.

To manage your customer base, from a single or collective perspective

9. Highrise
Also developped by 37 Signals, Highrise allows you to build and maintain your customer base. You and your co-workers can add notes on conversations, meetings, calls related to each person in your contacts.

To increase your workspace

10. Xdrive
The Xdrive service is the equivalent of a hard disk permanently available on the Internet. To back-up, store your files or even share some of your largest files. Free subscription for a 5GB account. More space available with a monthly plan.

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