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New contract opportunities for professional freelancers

English-speaking professionals, freelancers, consultants and small firms can now enjoy excellent visibility throughout Canada. With just a few clicks, companies in English Canada can access a bank of experts to negotiate key contracts quickly and in a variety of fields. What’s more, they can do it in either French or English. The launch of the English version of made these new developments possible.

When it launched in 2003, this Web-based business network was a completely novel concept. It has since played a pioneering role in a changing labour market. In fact, aims to capitalize on the exceptional opportunities that the Internet offers freelancers and businesses. makes it easy to find skilled experts who are available to carry out specific projects. Its automated functions optimize the pre-selection of candidates, whose detailed profiles may be consulted online at any time. Its internal messaging system facilitates rapid communication, so that members can efficiently negotiate projects. businesses simply select the most qualified expert among a wide range of potential candidates.

Thousands of contracts have been negotiated since’s initial launch. All members, customers and providers involved in these negotiations have been able to subsequently increase their visibility. By the time the English version of was launched, there were already over 16,000 Solo Agents in a variety of sectors, such as graphic design, engineering, translation, and programming, to name just a few. All members are entitled to numerous services, which have evolved greatly since’s beginnings.

AgentSolo’s team has always strived towards innovation. Long before the term Web 2.0 was on everyone’s lips, was already betting on user-generated content (UGC). In 2004, a news-publishing system was set up so that members could post articles on various topics relating to their areas of expertise. In so doing, members have also developed their own knowledge base. The basic service has now been enhanced to include a blog, an e-newsletter, client recommendations, portfolios, and more.

The way in which the English version of was developed is a reflection of this spirit of innovation. Indeed, few Web sites facilitate communication among both English- and French-speaking professionals. “We endeavoured to create a truly bilingual platform,” explains Yves Williams, President of “Not only can members post and negotiate projects in the language of their choice, but they can also build their profile and their clientele in both languages. The bidding system, the email alerts, and the messaging system are customized to users’ language preferences. This allows members to actually work online in the language of their choice, or in both languages.”

The beta version of the English Web site has been online since June 2007. This break-in period allowed to test new features and make improvements. is now completely bilingual and fully operational in both languages. “We are very pleased with the launch of this new version,” says Williams. “Once again, our team is introducing an innovative concept and opening up a huge market, brimming with opportunities for our members. We are sure that the English version of will help build a dynamic relationship among French- and English-language professionals and businesses throughout Canada!”

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