Optimizing your visibility on AgentSolo.com: Easy and Worthwhile!

Sitting by the phone and waiting for it to ring will not help you find new customers. For every call from a potential client, you know that you have already given them many good reasons to contact you. Think AgentSolo.com along the same lines and put yourself forward in order to increase the opportunity to be contacted.

Being awarded a project is one of the many ways to get new customers on AgentSolo.com. Buyers often contact members directly. For example, if a buyer needs a specific expertise, he will be able to search among the profiles without posting a project. Therefore, after a precise search with a few keywords, he will be able to obtain a list of potential candidates meeting his needs; classified for easy browsing. Like most specialized or public search engines like Google, for ease of use purposes, the results are ordered by relevance. By applying certain rules, you can improve your ranking in order to be easily found by businesses looking for your expertise. Making it important for your profile to have a good position amongst the search results.

Here are some pointers to help you optimize your visibility within the search (engine) results.

1. Your Profile

  • The more complete is a profile the more effective it becomes. Detailed profiles feed the search engine with keywords to analyze and multiply its visibility
  • Uncompleted profiles get less points in our ranking. The more complete the better will be your ranking. Do not neglect to fill out your experiences, certifications and professional memberships. Be precise and detailed when writing down descriptions, it may pay up.
  • A logo or photo is not only enjoyable for the eye, it is also perceived by customers as cues standing for professionalism. The search engine also takes it into account when evaluating your profile.

Modify your profiles


You have lots of satisfied customers? They are proof of expertise. Ask them to comment your experience. Not only this information will help you earn future customers trust, this will also boost your position in the search engine ranking.

Request a client’s recommendation.

3. Your Activities

The more proactive you become (towards buyers), the more noticed you will get. Records of active participation on agentsolo.com better your ranking in the search results.

  • Bid on projects that you receive and that are of interest to you or in you area of expertise. Do not hesitate to do so, even though other bidders may appear more experienced. You will practise writing bids making yourself known to potential clients that may contact you directly the next time (if they haven’t already requested you services).
  • View the project’s details. Too often, members don’t bother to read more then the title of a project missing out on good opportunities. Only the details can truly inform you of the actual content of the project.

4. News and tips

Publishing news and tips is a great way to promote yourself to members. Every professional has knowledge and professional opinions that they can share. It is based on that principle that the blog phenomenon has propagated over the internet in the past few years.

Some advice and strategy posted by our members have been read by thousands. The posts are read by our members and since they are also indexed by the various search engines on the Internet, they are accessible to all even beyond AgentSolo.com web site. When writing a piece of advice or strategy, remember that you create a special link with each of your readers that may, one day, cite you as reference, contact you or become your client. A well written post that digs deeply into a subject can have surprising results.

Moreover building a solid professional reputation on the internet and on AgentSolo.com (e.g.; the number of news and tips, their frequency and their relevance) will help you get a better ranking in our search engine.

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